Photo Gallery



Cooling down on a hot summer day

Great disposition!

14th calf and still smoking!

After a milkshake!

Docility bred in

Moving pastures in winter

Pathfinder with another new calf

Team in winter with manure spreader

Beautiful Udder

Gathering for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Checking

Ronnie and Trustworthy

Unanimous in voice

A favorite tree on the farm – Fall 2012

Fall Pature 2012

Fall evening at the North Place

Fall Sunday in the pasture

Fall Sunday Morning!

Ronnie and Belle checking cows and calves on a Fall Sunday morning

Ronnie and Coy getting ready for work

Turkey Gobbler

Under Cover! Fall 2012

Waiting for their next job

From the back of the saddle

Fencing with the Team

View towards the Buffalo River


Ronnie and Coy Getting Ready for Work

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