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      We are located amidst the grass covered, rolling hills and crystal clear waters of southern middle Tennessee. About 65 miles southwest of Nashville located on the wild and scenic Buffalo River. This is an area rich in early American history, being the playground of the famous frontiersman, Davy Crockett.

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    Our Angus herd is made up from an elite set of females from OCC Ohlde Cattle Co. which represent the entire genetic base from decades of selective breeding. These cows are moderate frame, with tremendous volume, easy fleshing, excellent udders with small teats, light birth weight, and structurally correct.
We then added a group of bred N-Bar Sinclair Cattle Company cows to add to our genetic base. These cows including three (pathfinders), represent years of selective breeding for predictability and longevity. They also represent a cross section of their most productive and proven bloodlines at N-Bar Sinclair Cattle Company.
Finally we incorporated the Cole Creek Angus genetics, through A.I. with Cold Creek Black Cedar 46P and Cole Creek Black Seal 230, with the desire to infuse true, proven, no frills, no excuses, grassland genetics into our herd.
We will continue to require the balanced, multiple-trait selection that has always been the cornerstone breeding philosophy of OCC Ohlde Cattle Company, N-Bar Sinclair Cattle Company and Cole Creek Angus.
Our plan is to acclimate these cattle to our grasses (fescue), humidity and summer heat found in the South Eastern United States. Our goal is not to try to re-invent the wheel, but rather go with a proven, accepted line of cattle with decades of time tested genetics, knowing that, an efficient, functional, forage-loving cow will always be the key to farm and ranch profitability.
“The cattle business is a simple business; the hard part is keeping it simple”, Tom Lasater, Colorado Rancher. We check, move and work our cattle on horseback as it keeps us in closer contact with our cattle and makes them very gentle and easy to work with; a convenience trait.
In a purebred or commercial cattle enterprise, it all begins with a live, healthy, unassisted calf. Nothing impacts the bottom line more than reproductive efficiency. In the hustle and bustle of today’s complex life style, it is easy to overlook the basics.
Give us a call, or better yet, drop by for a visit. You won’t see any creep feeders, lick tubs, silage pits or feed trucks, but we promise to show you some good honest cattle, that “Do it on Grass”.

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Shelby Cattle Company
Ronnie Shelby
Ethridge, Tennessee
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